torsdag den 12. september 2013

Is there a dichotomy between Lean & Venture Capital?

By Thomas Klem Andersen, Published on September 12th 2013

Some insights from Max Niederhofer (Sunstone Capital) straight from The Copenhagen Lean Startup Circle:

There is no real dichotomy between Lean and Venture Capital. The real question is: When to put gas on the tank. 
Everyone likes an enthusiastic guy with a new great idea, so when validating your ideas find ways to ask questions, so that people won’t answer like your mom encouraging you almost no matter what.

When lean methodology is applied wrong, companies stay small for too long or have allergic reactions to marketing and sales. Don’t be so set on being lean, that you never want to scale.

Don’t ever think you at long last have reached the product market fit. It’s not a point you reach, because it changes all the time!

If considering venture capital, make sure you understand the venture business model and consider whether its compatible with your ambitions. VC’s will have you grow fast and keep going until they see a nice return on their investment.

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