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Enhance your innovation capacity through collaboration with DTU Diplom

DTU Diplom hosted an excellent match event on the 31st of May making visible the many collaboration opportunities between their students and companies.

At the event 9 companies pitched their business and the development challenges that they would like to collaborate with tech-students to solve. In between the presentations was scheduled for networking for the students and companies to feel each other out.

Participating in the event were: ANDERTECH Plastteknik A/S, Texo Medical, Vestas Manufacturing, CSM, Dencore Aps, StoreClaus Aps, CCBR, Bo arkitekter and NorthQ Aps.

DTU Diplom, Ballerup Campus yearly sends out more than 250 applied sciences engineer students to train their engineering competencies on actual problems provided from the business life mainly from SME's.

If there is a need to develop and test prototypes and functional models, the students have access to labs and workshops where they can do 3D-modelling, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering as well as development and test of electronics and IT. The students are supported by DTU-teachers that help define the tasks and coach the students.

The studies at DTU Diplom cover the whole value chain from the early concept development with user involvement to international B2B go-to-market strategies and with all the classic engineering professions in between.

Collaboration opportunities:

· Bachelor Projects where typically a team of two students during 5 months create their final project based on a company challenge.

· 20 week internship where the students try out their knowledge and skills solving practical tasks in a company. An internship entails that the students become part of your daily operations and is, as a starting point, paid according to The Danish Society of Engineers’ guidelines.

· Project collaboration - each semester the students work on a series of large or smaller projects in collaboration with an organization. Dependent on project type and your need, the collaboration can vary from 3 weeks to a full semester.

· Involvement in the courses. A huge number of courses use actual problems of organizations as focal points for the teaching. It can be larger or smaller collaborations from a 4 hour lecture and case solving to development projects running the whole semester.

The projects are first and foremost study projects. That means that the students themselves choose the projects they wish to work on. There are time limitations on when the projects can be arranged and completed and we are not a consultancy offering a guaranteed result. It is a collaboration where we strive to make sure that both parties win.

Schedule for project collaboration

Study year
July & August
Start of projects, internships & courses
Teaching / projects
Teaching / projects
Hand-in of projects
Teaching free periods
Projects start
Optimum time to arrange projects for the coming semester.

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