fredag den 10. maj 2013

Bits & Beers: Medical, May 8th 2013 at Republikken

Rikke Kock from the advanced technology group Alexandra Institute presented the IT-Yoga skin –an intelligent suit that measures personal progression over time and the quality of the actual posture. Yoga normally requires an instructor, but this suit will help you do the moves correctly using stretch sensitive sensors.
The suit can of course also communicate with smart devises. The suit is being developed in collaboration with Texas instruments, Danfoss polypower and ITU. The technology might be used more broadly within rehabilitation, exercise and ergonomics. Current challenges are: washing, finding textile that moves like the skin and placement of the computer device.

Beway Bakir Ahmad presented the 3D-printing services that DAVINCI offers. DAVINCI represents the largest rapid prototyping machinery in Scandinavia using SLA technology for very detailed printing and polyjet technology for multicomponent/material printing.

In DELTA’s showcase booth everyone got to play with electronic sketching using arduino boards and electronic ‘lego-boards’ to sketch different electronic models. The technology is really interesting in the relation to the growing market for intelligent products, embedded electronics, open source hardware and the entrepreneurial need for rapid prototyping and agile development. We just have to wait until DELTA is ready to launch their first electronic sketching kits!
3D-print pics:

DELTA show casing electronic sketching

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