fredag den 31. maj 2013

Being an Entrepreneur When You're Not Extroverted by Meredith Fineman


How is an introvert, ambivert, or anyone with introverted qualities to balance these social norms versus personal needs when it comes to owning your own business? And is there any way she can use them to her advantage?


Go deep, not wide. "You don't have to work the room... I think we do people a disservice when we tell people they have to get out there in a very wide net-casting way."

Find an extrovert. "Team up with an extrovert. Together you are greater than the sum of your parts.


Pace yourself. "Make sure to pace yourself." This is especially important for ambiverts. "I'm out there presenting an extroverted face, and the more I present that, the more is asked of me. It's a great blessing to be an ambivert, but you have to be aware of pacing yourself."


Introverts are everywhere, and appearances can be deceiving. It's all about developing the skills to function."

Fake it 'til you make it. And then find some time for some peace and quiet.

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